How to get to Majahua by bus?


    Nota: Note: Buses leave about every thirty minutes from Puerto Vallarta bus station to Las Varas until 10:00 pm. Taking a taxi from Las Varas to Chacala after 10:00 pm can be difficult, so it is better to plan to stay overnight in Puerto Vallarta if you will arrive late.  

    1. Take an airport taxi to the bus station about one mile north of the airport at a cost of $15.- U.S. from one to four people. 
    2. Board a northbound “Pacifico” bus to Las Varas. Bus ride costs $10.00 U.S./person. For non-Spanish speakers, tell the bus driver: "Por favor, hasta Las Varas."
    3. Once at Las Varas, next to the bus station, take a taxi to Chacala Beach (about 20 minutes). The cost of a taxi is $10.00 U.S. before 6 p.m. but may be somewhat higher after 6 p.m. 
    4. Most taxi drivers DO NOT KNOW HOW TO how to get to “Majahua” , please print the
      --DIRECTIONS ONCE AT CHACALA BAY—and show it to the driver.

    Given the distance from the parking to the rooms (5 minutes on foot and uphill) if you require luggage service, this has a cost of $ 25.- pesos per person for loading and unloading luggage.

    How to get to MAJAHUA by bus from Guadalajara or Mexico City?

    From Guadalajara there are several good quality lines that leave it directly in Las Varas. Approximate travel time (3 hrs.)

    From Mexico City it is recommended to take the Futura Executive bus at the North Central Terminal that leaves at 20:15 hrs to Tepic and in the same terminal take another one in the direction of Puerto Vallarta getting off at Las Varas. De Las Varas take a taxi for $ 90.- pesos that takes you to Majahua.

    Tel for reservations at D.F. FUTURA 57 29 07 07