"Majahua" is located on the flank of a hill facing the sea. In its construction we seek harmony with the environment. Thus, its walls are covered with earth so that they take the tones of nature and get lost in it. Ocres, mud, green moss

    We conserve the wonderful original vegetation that surrounds us as well as the topography and rocks of the land.

    Ideal place to really rest, read, write, meditate or get in physical and spiritual form.

    To come here you have to have a taste for direct contact with nature, no "manicure" garden is the jungle as it is. She changes and adjusts with the seasons of the year.
    The roads are swept from leaves once a day, however, they are almost always covered with them. The view of the sea is through windows between nature.

    The view of the dining room terraces overlooks the bay. The beach of Chacala is ONE of the 18 "certified" beaches of our country.

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    From the restaurant area and reception to the sandy beach you can walk five minutes either by the seashore or by a mountain path.

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